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General server rules

Hello players!

Here we leave you the general rules about the server, which are mandatory and necessary for respect in this community! Entering the server means accepting all the points of the regulation:

  1. It is forbidden to insult, attack other cultures, races, sex, etc...
  2. The indications of the administrators are mandatory, so if they are not fulfilled it can lead to expulsion from the community.
  3. It is forbidden to use any type of "hack" or external / internal menu to have an advantage over the other players of the server.
  4. You can not do any type of "spam" or "flood" in the chat.
  5. If you detect any type of glitch or hack, report it to the "staff" team of the server.
  6. It is strictly forbidden the scam or deception to users of the community, the sanction may be able to permanently expulsion from any service or community of MineCloud.
  7. Do not insult the team of "staff" or moderators, you can be permanently expelled from the community.
  8. Any attempt to attack the server, both external and internal, will come directly to the expulsion of MineCloud and all its services: web, server, RR.SS...
  9. Do not ask anyone for personal information, if you do, we'll have the chat test to decide the penalty.
  10. You are fully responsible for the security of your account.
  11. Any impersonation attempt within the community will be grounds for immediate exclusion.
  12. If you detect that any player is breaking any of these rules, notify the moderators immediately.


Enjoy the server and the community players!

6 months ago

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